Customized warehousing solutions and strategically sited distribution centers to boost your productivity and increase flexibility

At Mare Trading, we are the one-stop shop for all your fulfillment services and storage needs. We have more than 20000 sqft of a strategically sited storage distribution center and consolidation center, designed to support a wide range of different industries with an extensive line-up that includes manufacturing companies as well consumers who need their goods delivered on time!

Our coverage ensures you never face any downtime or disruption while also providing peace of mind knowing what’s happening at any given moment because it will always be visible through our real-time interface. This makes it easy to filter out irrelevant data points so there is nothing hidden from view when looking at individual statuses.

Strategically locatedĀ 

Our strategic location enables our warehouse to be near major ports or hub operations. It’s part of a thoughtfully planned network that addresses your transport needs, as well as packing and re-packing requirements, crossdocking, and final mile delivery as well as post-sale logistics.

Distribution Center

A strategically located distribution center that will manage your fulfillment services and inventory, storage needs, and reverse logistics with a focus on getting products into the hands of the customers and businesses you serve quickly.

Storage Managed Inventory

The more efficient your inventory management, the less cost you spend on storage and disposal. When you choose us, our stock planning system that includes efficient labeling and palletizing will help reduce costs while saving you time and energy.

Packing and Repacking

Our expert packing procedures provide clients with properly packaged shipments that are guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. We’ll also handle re-packing whenever a change or reconfiguration needs to be made for any of your products, ensuring the integrity of their design is never compromised.

Innovative Technology

Our company’s internal visibility systems provide timely and accurate information about shipments, stocks of products both in storage as well on transport vehicles. Our advanced technological infrastructure for supply chain management allows us to monitor inventory levels and pinpoint accuracy through our control panel.

Consolidation and Deconsolidation

Our team of experts is able to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that streamline your supply chain. We offer consolidation and deconsolidation to improve shipping efficiency as well as planning and forecasting for better planning insight into demand trends ahead of time.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Our facility provides a temperature-controlled option as well as several others depending on your unique needs. We can meet all kinds of needs and regulatory requirements, making us perfect for you!