Mare Trading provides high-quality operations and logistics support that meets the highest standards. Our team of professionals brings technical expertise from the industry and is fully responsive to our customer’s needs. With 12 years of experience, our operations are built on efficiency and reliability.

We handle it all

Mare Trading’s logistics services cover transportation, warehousing, and the management of international supply chain solutions. We handle transloading, international forwarding, trucking, full loads, part loads, ocean freight, and air freight. Our experts provide logistical support at all points along a route: from procurement to distribution and invoicing. Mare Trading’s logistics experts can handle any type of load: standard or oversized, hazardous, or not. Our equipment includes container trucks, low beds with hydraulic cranes, refrigerated trailers, air transportation, and ocean transportation.

We’re doing our part to protect the environment

In addition to being committed to meeting our clients’ stringent quality standards, we have a strong commitment to the environment. Our logistics services are designed to reduce our clients’ carbon footprint while increasing their competitiveness.

Mare Trading’s highly skilled personnel also work continuously to provide high-quality solutions for your storage and distribution needs. We offer specialist advice on everything from material handling equipment to maintaining optimal temperatures.

The benefits of our services include:


At Mare Trading, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a wide range of supply chain solutions. From hazardous material support for your business’s needs and equipment inventory management expertise with accountability tracking in mind – all is possible!


When you need to ship or transport your product, let us take care of it. We are experts in transporting everything from one location to another whether it’s locally or internationally. We will do whatever is necessary for a smooth journey with no hassle!

Data and Reporting

We capture data throughout every step of our process to ensure you get the most out of your logistical experience. From accurate reporting on logistics, to providing transparent information that is always up to date with what’s going on in this ever-changing industry – we’re here for YOU!
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